Mobile Notary Public

Authorized Notarization Services

Notarial Services and More

Your Notaries Public do far more than notarize signatures or documents.  The notarial acts performed by these appointed public officials of proven integrity prevent forgery and other fraud. While not a guarantor, independent Notaries lessen the exposure of businesses to lawsuits stemming from identification errors.

Have Affidavits and Signatures Witnessed

Lessen the risk of forgery by certifying that the signer was positively identified and personally signed the document in the presence of the Notary Public, a witnessing public officer.  

Obtain Acknowledgements

Prove that a document was fully understood and willingly signed so that it can be publicly recorded. 

Certify Document Copies

Provide assurance to a receiving party that information in a copy of an original document created in the presence of the Notary Public has not been altered and is true as represented.

Assign Ministerial Acts

Get papers filed, documents recorded and other tasks completed in accordance with Georgia State Law.

Give an Affirmation or Oath

Affirm the truthfulness of statements, either verbal or written, before a public official.

Signing Agent Notary Services

Mortgage loan signing agent notary services are available only through a member of the State Bar of Georgia who is available to the signer in person or by phone throughout the entire process.

Random Text Messages

Regretfully, service requests via random text messages are usually ignored.  Rudeness isn't intended, but compliance with the rules in Georgia is a priority, limits surprises, misunderstandings and keeps all parties safe.  Thanks.