Notary Frequently Asked Questions

What does notarization mean?

It is a certification by an impartial witness that a signer has been screened and/or that an oath has been administered.

Can a document be notarized over the phone?

Since verifying the identity of the signer is at the heart of notarial services, the principle must appear in person with proper ID before the Notary in Georgia.

What forms of identification are acceptable?

Current government-issued IDs that include the signer's photograph, signature, physical description and number or those of credible witnesses are required.

Do you provide Notary Signing Agent Services?

I will submit to the direct and constant supervision of an attorney who is a member of the State Bar of Georgia in the conveyance of deeds, provided that attorney is in control of the closing process from beginning to end.

Will you explain the documents before they're signed?

Since I am prohibited from practicing law, the document sender or intended receiver must be the source of information about the document(s).