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Solomon Greene serves clients of licensed attorneys and other businesses as a commercial mobile notary public by taking affirmations, oaths, witnessing document signatures including financial powers of attorney, last wills and testament, revocable trusts and through the performance of other acts as authorized by the State of Georgia. He provides assurance in document integrity, lessening the exposure of businesses and individuals to lawsuits stemming from errors.

Privacy, Security and Safe Signings

Consumer privacy and safety are among my highest priorities along with getting things right the first time. That is why non-public client personal information is not shared, is protected by the latest operating systems, a virtual private network, BitLocker Drive Encryption and more. I drive an unmarked vehicle, wear a mask, am fully vaccinated, work diligently to arrive precisely at the agreed upon time and take much more care behind the scenes so that your clients may have the peace of mind that they deserve while the professional image of your organization extends to in-person meetings. Please read more about my Privacy Policy.


Payment is due from attorney offices within three days of service. Payment arrangements for other businesses will be made during our consultation. All businesses agree to pay only upon my acceptance of an assignment. Multiple payment options are available to all that may make on-site signings go more smoothly, allowing the payers to easily and securely pay through their preferred method, including credit cards. Please see the pricing and travel fees for my Commercial Mobile Notary Public Services.

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Solomon Greene, Mobile Notary Public

Solomon Greene

Solomon Greene, Mobile Notary Public

Solomon Greene is a person of proven integrity, an independent commercial mobile notary public appointed by the Clerk of Superior Court to act as a ministerial public official and unbiased witness to the identity of those who come before him to certify copies, take acknowledgments, witness affidavits, signatures and perform other acts authorized by law.


A graduate of Troy University, Solomon worked in consumer products for around 13 years representing the brands and services of major well-known companies before becoming a Metro Atlanta Real Estate Agent, a role he has maintained since 2006 representing home buyers and sellers. While that role is kept strictly separate from that as a notary, the positive interactions he has enjoyed and skills developed with those customer bases and other leadership roles have prepared him well to serve as a representative of your business as a mobile notary public and field inspector in Metro Atlanta.

Solomon takes the opportunity to extend the in-office professionalism to your valuable clientele in face-to-face meetings very seriously. Please call him at (770) 271-2156 and schedule a virtual meeting to discuss their needs today.

Solomon Greene is not an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.